3/4/21: 45-minute Yoga Asana Class

Summary This 45-minute yoga class utilizes progressive Sun Salutations, strength-building movements, and balancing. Build stability in the mind and nurture steadiness in the breath with a combination of static and flowing postures. The sequence builds complexity in layers while addressing the needs of the whole body. The audio was recorded from a live Zoom class. …More


Interview with The Mindful Bookkeeper, Chioma Njoku + Build a Better Financial Result

Summary Today’s episode is an interview with a yoga teacher, practitioner, accountant, and financial coach. Meet Chioma Njoku, founder of The Mindful Bookkeeper. Her services, including Master Your Money and 1-on-1 coaching, are rooted in helping service-based businesses like yoga studios increase their profits by connecting their “why” to their finances. Build a healthy relationship…More

Interview with Kacee Must of Citizen Yoga + Questions for Vision and Mission

Summary Today’s episode is an interview with a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and innovator. Meet Kacee Must, founder of Citizen Yoga. Her studio, Citizen Yoga, grew out of a need to equip people with effective, every-day coping mechanisms, while emphasizing community and access to mental health resources. Join us for discussions on philosophy and existing in…More

11/30/20: 30-min Progressive Sun Salutations (Variation 1)

Summary This 30-minute Progressive Sun Salutation sequence is a highly efficient slow-burn, perfect as either a stand-alone practice or as the precursor to further movement. “Progressive” here means the sequence begins with recognizable, foundational shapes and patterns, and gradually adds layers of complexity and refinement.  Progressive sequencing is a highly versatile technique with many possible…More

11/18/2020: 20-minute Foundational Sun Salutations Sequence

Summary The version of Sun Salutations offered here contains 12 linked postures that are performed as one continuous exercise. Each pose physically counteracts the one before, alternately expanding and contracting, regulating the breath, increasing circulations, and building flexibility in your spine. Sun Salutations are the perfect building block for your home practice sequence. There is…More

11/16/2020: 40-min Yoga Asana Class

Summary This is a 40-minute, all-levels yoga practice designed to strengthen and stretch your entire body. Explore an emphasis on twists, with attention to mobility and awareness in the hip flexors, length in the spine and hamstrings, and freedom in the upper back and shoulders. This practice is the perfect length to sneak in between…More

10 Minute Walking Meditation for Nervous People (an Election Day Special)

Summary If you are currently dooms-day-scrolling, follow these instructions: 1.) Turn off notifications on your phone. 2.) Go for a walk. For those experiencing high levels of anxiety, walking may provide an easier transition to softness than seated meditations. Gentle, repetitive movement can harness the mind’s scattered energy, and channel awareness into the observation of…More

Interview with Dr. Terry Harris of The Collective STL + 5 minute Meditation

Summary Today’s episode is an interview with a yoga teacher, educator, story-teller, and entrepreneur dedicated to creating healing spaces in the yoga community. Meet Dr. Terry Harris, co-founder and instructor at The Collective STL, which is the only Black-owned, donation-based yoga studio serving the north St. Louis community. Join us to more about Terry’s journey…More

6/10/2020: 60-minute Asana Class

Summary This is a full-length, all-levels yoga practice designed to strengthen and stretch your entire body. Explore an emphasis on flow, by exploring shapes slowly at first, and then revisiting the shapes one breath to one movement. End practice with a slightly extended savasana and guided relaxation. This practice builds upon previous podcast episodes, and…More