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3/4/21: 45-minute Yoga Asana Class

Summary This 45-minute yoga class utilizes progressive Sun Salutations, strength-building movements, and balancing. Build stability in the mind and nurture steadiness in the breath with a combination of static and flowing postures. The sequence builds complexity in layers while addressing the needs of the whole body. The audio was recorded from a live Zoom class. …


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Meet Halle, your podcast creator

Halle is a Chicago-based yoga instructor with ten years of teaching experience. She created this podcast in order to make the wellness practices of breath and movement accessible at no cost to all bodies, anywhere in the world.

Photograph by Veronica Billedo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am still new to yoga, and a lot of instructors and in-person classes can be intimidating to a newcomer. That’s why I really love Home Practice with Halle—this truly is an accessible practice for each and every person. I’ve never felt intimidated while listening. If anything, I feel empowered and challenged to try more. And is there anything better than practicing at home? This podcast gives me the confidence and ability to build my at-home practice.

— jess1506, 05/28/2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Halle is one of the most welcoming teachers I’ve ever practiced with. She is accessible and welcoming to all. Her voice is strong yet grounding, familiar and refreshing- and to me voice and presentation is so important in a podcast. Whether you’re looking to later into an already existing practice or start fresh working with Halle will be positive new light in your life!

— saranash123, 07/24/2020

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