S1/EP#7: Techniques for Low Back Care + 20-Minute Asana Practice

Summary Are you part of the 80% of the population that will suffer from low-back pain at some point in their lives? Join your host Halle Miroglotta in order to learn a little bit information about how to keep yourself safe within your regular movements during your day. Then, during a guided asana practice designed…More

S1/EP#6: Introduction to Alternate Nostril Breath 1:1 Ratio + 5-Minute Practice

Summary Build a connection between your hand and wrist exercises, the concept of brain lateralization, and your experiences with breath awareness as you dive into the technique of Alternate Nostril Breath. Learn about the origins of this technique, and listen to some more recent scientific studies on its benefit to the human nervous system and…More

S1/EP#5: Hand and Wrist Care + 8 Techniques for Strength and Mobility

Summary Whether you think about them often or not, your hands are probably a huge part of your daily life. They perform skills you need for survival, for employment, or for hobby. Sometimes, through inactivity or repetitive motion, hands and wrists suffer from common complaint like joint stiffness or carpal tunnel syndrome. Particularly in weight-bearing…More

S1/EP#3: Introduction to Postures (Asana) + 8-Minute Standing Practice

Summary Join your host Halle Miroglotta in learning more about the benefits of having a regular yoga posture practice. Explore some of the reasons why you might benefit from a yoga posture practice, and hear the stories of individuals who have already incorporated mindful movement into their lives. Then, step up to your yoga mat(…More

S1/EP#2: Stress, Relaxation + 20-Minute Guided Savasana

Summary Acknowledge and address the effects of stress on the physical, mental, and emotional body. Examine some of the benefits of relaxation, while acknowledging common obstacles and experiences through a collection of personal testimonies (including Matthew, Elena Colas, Carmen Adela Anta, Ann Edgington, and Meher Farhan Siddiqi). Finally, your host Halle Miroglotta will guide you…More

S1/EP#1: Home Practice with Halle: An Introduction + Make a Space

Summary Welcome to the first episode of Home Practice with Halle! Meet your host, Halle Miroglotta. Acknowledge common and personal obstacles to a home yoga practice through stories from yogis all over the world (including Hanna Ahn, Laimonas Gricius, Sonya Robinson, ¬†Samuel Francis, Jess Victor, and Nikki Inniss), create a designated practice space in your…More